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The following are testimonials from some of our clients:

"I strongly recommend John Bloom. When I got hurt and needed a work comp attorney, he was recommended to me by 3 doctors from 3 different medical fields. He has been a lifesaver for me ever since I was injured at work. His staff treats me like family. Whenever the insurance company denied my medicine prescription, his receptionist would be on the phone with both the pharmacy and the insurance company, making sure I was taken of; this would save me over $1300 per month. 

John Bloom has been more than my work comp attorney. When I was going through my lowest points he always took the time to have heart-to-hearts with me, which gave me hope and the determination I needed to get through my work comp nightmare. The insurance company hates him because of how good he is at fighting for me. He has delivered on every promise he has ever made to me. He is a pit bull in a world full of chihuahuas."

-David S.

"I am glad I found the office of the Lawyer John Bloom.  Mr. Bloom and his staff were very helpful in me finding a doctor.  He gave me advice to move forward, free of charge and he and his staff were most accomodating in helping me resolve my issues, once I decided to have him represent me.  Mr. Bloom was successful in getting the insurance company  to pay so I can get the care I need.  I found he and his staff professional with navigating in a legal world I knew nothing about.  I think anyone who uses him as their Worker's Compensation lawyer would be in good hands."

-Evonne K.

"I hurt my back at work, and after being told by one of the shameless corporation friendly Work Comp doctors that there was nothing more he could do for me and that he would be 'closing my case', I called John Bloom. Not only did Mr. Bloom help me find an honest doctor, he also set me up with a QME who rated my disability. Mr. Bloom got me a settlement within six months of retaining him as my attorney, and now I can pay for my own medical care without having to deal with the soulless sharks of the Workers' Compensation insurance industry. I would highly recommend Mr. Bloom to anyone who has been seriously injured at work; he is the best Work Comp attorney in in California."

-Megan B.